Tender Leaf

Tender Leaf Toys - Bear Clock

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An introduction to learning about time!

Teach your toddler the sequence of numbers on a clock, 12 brightly coloured wooden number blocks can be removed for an additional colour matching game.

Made from sustainable plywood and rubberwood, coloured with a non-toxic water stain.

This item has a wall bracket on the back so that it can be hung up.

Suitable for 3 years +

Product size: L: 23.80 x W: 22.20 x H: 2 cm

Developmental Benefits:

Physical: Moving the hands around the clock and placing the numbers in their squares promotes fine motor skills, developing the hand and finger muscles as well as hand-eye coordination.

Cognitive: Initiates conversations about time using the “big hand” and the “little hand” as well as recognising and placing numbers and recognising colours

Language: Discussions about time and using specific language such as “o’clock”, “big hand”, “half past”

Social: Building relationships with children through focused activity play and encouraging turn taking when placing pieces onto the board.